Get in control of your inventory with our
unique & powerful features

Implementing Storemate with its powerful features will definitely turnyour operations to a critical milestone in a wide variety of ways.!

Summary of the Business at a glance

StoreMate’s dashboard lets user to get all vital information at one place and also lets user to view summary of the current status of the business at a glance.

The dashboard instantly overviews the sales, outstanding, expenses, and profit of the current month as well as up-to-date business status.

Separate Dashboards for each Customer

In a more organized view, user can see each customer details with the StoreMate’s customer dashboards designed for each customer.

This handy feature may help user to get the future decisions on a particular customer as it views the sales, payments, outstanding, and sales history of that customer.

Instant searching of route & customer location

The integrated google map in the StoreMate allows the user to easily view the delivery route and its total customers at a glance.

Most of distributors deal with customers from different locations. So it is useful to use integrated map for specified routes to find out your customer’s locations so that if a new sale person or a new driver comes, they know exactly where your customers are. So this handy feature will ultimately save time and the unwanted costs of your business.

Generating numerous types of vital reports in a systematic view

StoreMate generates numerous types of reports according to the data entered to the system. These reports enable user to see the current status of the business in a more systematic graphical or list view.

StoreMate’s downloadable and printable versions of reports and charts with PDF formats support user to manually store the data whenever necessary.

Efficient searching of data by advanced filter

StoreMate’s each and every list view has advanced filters for efficient data searching which lets user to select a subset of items according to the specified search criteria.

For more efficient and effective data searching, you can filter whole data according to the specified date range, price range, route, payment method, and more.

Real Time Stock Balance Viewer

Tracking inventory in real time is very important. StoreMate displays the current stock balance of each of purchased goods and sales items as soon as selecting a particular item.

In addition, Storemate’s traceability feature provides an accurate view to your inventory at any point of its history.

Efficient searching of data by advanced filter

Storemate provides graphical illustrations of more useful data with graphs and charts, which allows user to see and analyze data clearly and efficiently in a more systematic view.

The graphs and charts generated by Storemate reflect actual status of the daily sales, total sales vs total purchases, total cash vs total cheque collections, total outstandings vs total collections and more.