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Why Storemate

400+ customers

We have attracted over 400 valuable customers just 2 years of its launch.

Long-Term Support

Our support team is always with you to assist A to Z of software operations.


We can understand your needs, so we do customizations based on your requirements.

Access from anywhere

You can access your real-time business data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Access data anytime

All your data are auto-synced everywhere, so you can access real-time data anytime.

Free software updates

We do the latest software updates and add new features to the system regularly for free.

100% Online

Storemate allows you to sell your product in-store and on-the-go via web browsers on any device.

No software installations

No time and money-wasting complex installations, instead simply click on the browser.

E-commerce Integration

Run an online shopping store to grow your retail business

Storemate can integrate your retail store with E-commerce shopping platforms, allowing access to thousands of customers anywhere in the world. 

Ecommerce integration allows customers to see actual stock levels in your store and you also can see the real-time order quantities. Simply you can manage both in-store and online orders through one central system.

Grow-up your retail business with our eCommerce shopping platform integrations. 

Integrate with delivery partners to handle cash on delivery

Storemate can integrate with your courier partner systems such as koombiyo, transexpress etc. This integration enables you to directly upload the orders to your delivery partner while allowing you to get real-time delivery information.

  • Download bulk excel reports
  • Auto syncing of orders
  • Auto syncing of delivery and payment statuses

Power up your business with

Feature Modules

Storemate has solutions for every type of business you have



Integrate your e-commerce platform to manage your thousands of online orders efficiently and to get real-time order information.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Connect with your delivery partners to directly upload the orders & get real-time delivery information.

Repair & Service

Repair & Service

Manage all after-sales repair jobs of mobile phones, computers, and electrical items efficiently



Integrate raw materials, recipes, production quantities & costing, batch numbers, wastage, and everything related to a complete production cycle.



Integrate KOT, Table management, Serving staff management, modifiers, and everything related to customer orders.

Referral / Promo Code

Referral / Promo Code

Integrate your referrals or promo codes you are giving to the persons for your product promotion.

Gift Card / Vouchers

Gift Card / Vouchers

Integrate gift cards/vouchers you offer or sell to your customers as pre-paid money cards with discounts

Lead Manager (CRM)

Lead Manager (CRM)

Manage and track all your business relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers/leads


Storemate is perfect for

Super Markets

Cashier billing, Batch numbering, Barcode scanning, Product weighing

Phone Shops

Product warranty, Payments, Product variations, Billing


Product expiry, Lot numbers, Quick billing, Payments, Reports

Clothing Stores

Purchasing, Product inventory, Returns, Cashier billing, Barcodes


Kitchen order ticket, Table management, Serving staff management, modifiers like extra cheese


Purchasing, Product warranty, Product variations, Billing


Product expiry, Lot numbers, Quick billing, Payments, Reporting

Retail Shops

Purchasing, Returns, Inventory, Cashier billing, Barcodes


We love to hear from our clients

Mr Nuwan

The Best Software I have bought

It's truly more worth than money i paid, Very user friendly, Most convenient way ever seen in inventory, Well categorized & well maintained, data uploading in an own website a plus advantage. I would give 10 Stars if possible because overall it is the best! Go ahead Store Mate !

Mr Nuwan

Top Mobile, Padukka
The Best Software I have bought
The Best Software I have bought
Mr Gunawardhana

It's very easy to use

Appropriately disintermediate one-to-one vortals through cross functional infomediaries. Collaboratively pursue multidisciplinary systems through stand-alone architectures. Progressively transition covalent architectures whereas vertical applications procrastinate professional.

Mr Gunawardhana

Gunawardhana Hardware - Urubokka
Mr. Faslim

Their support is awesome

Appropriately disintermediate one-to-one vortals through cross functional infomediaries. Collaboratively pursue multidisciplinary systems through stand-alone architectures. Progressively transition covalent architectures whereas vertical applications procrastinate professional.

Mr. Faslim

Republic™ - Rathnapura

2020 - 2022

Storemate™ Time Line



Very proudly Storemate attracted over 400 valuable customers just 2 years of its launch.

Mid 2021

Launched Pro version

By mid-2021, we launched the pro version of Storemate with hundreds of features and new packages

Early 2021

Reached 100+ Customers

Within 6 months of its launch, Storemate attracted more than 100 customers to its portfolio.


Product Launch

We at Parallax launched the first version of Storemate aiming at small and medium-scale retailers in the country

Our Customers

Our exceptional customer support is the secret to our rapid popularity across multiple business sectors islandwide.

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Long Term Support

Let’s build up together, We are always with you.

We guarantee long-term support, because we know we both have equal needs to succeed in our own markets. 

Call Support

Ticket Support

Live Trainings

User Manual

Storemate Youtube Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I watch a demo before purchasing the Storemate?

Yes you can book a live demo with our consultant

2. Can I get a trial version of the Storemate?

Yes. after the demonstration, you can get a full-access trial account.

3. How is the privacy of my data guaranteed?

We know protecting your personal data is very important. So we run Storemate POS system on servers of high-security infrastructure suppliers, such as AWS and Digitalocean. Also, we have incorporated these server provider standards into the Storemate Privacy Policy, including what we do with personal data that our company receives or collects. You can go through our privacy policy by clicking on

4. Is it possible to get changes to the system whenever we have our own requirements?

Yes, we can customize the system upon your request. We schedule your requests in our monthly customization release. All customization requests are chargeable.

5. What happens if my internet connection is lost?

As Storemate is a cloud-based POS system, a stable internet connection is a must for the smooth functioning of the software. Therefore, maintaining backup power and internet connections is recommended.

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BestWeb 2022

Merit Award winner of Best SME website won the merit award for the “Best SME website” category at the Best Web 2022 awards ceremony organized by LK domain registry. 

Our Team

We are a passionate team with a straightforward vision. Our highly skilled, dedicated professionals align around a shared purpose of catalyzing your businesses and ours. 

By joining with Storemate, you will have our unique customer service in your business's long run. Our proficient customer support team guides you and our software engineering team who carry out continuous system updates and maintenance to serve our customers the best.  

Our leaders and team are committed to giving you the best cloud POS Software in Sri Lanka along with a trusted POS partner you could have ever.

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