Give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience

Operating one retail business through two channels (In-store & online shopping) simultaneously is hardly possible without a cloud POS - ecommerce website integration. The ecommerce integration helps you to save time and money wasted on lots of manual work and error corrections.

Receiving orders from multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Direct calls and shop visitors can easily get out of hand in terms of management. The effective solution for this is the ecommerce integration with your cloud POS.

Ecommerce integration with Storemate gives you a consistently functioning business system that effectively works to increase your sales.

E-commerce sync

How it works

Step 1

Receive orders

To your existing web site

Step 2

Sync orders

Real time or manually

Step 3

Update stock

Update the stock in both

Step 4

Process order

Payment and deliver

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Live Stock Sync

Your current stock balance will be displayed on your e-commerce web site after being synced with the product stock of Storemate.

This allows control over orders coming through to the web site, especially when products are out of stock.

Stock Balance

Stock updates can be either manually updated or a live stock balance method followed.

Out of Stock

These items are visibly shown on the product.

Online Order Sync

An order received through the web site is synced to the Storemate system under the sales screen and can be identified through the small icon shown on each sale.

Delivery Details

The delivery and payment details are synced with the order details

Customer Details

Logging in to the web site is unnecessary as customer details are synced with each order

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