Referral / Promo Code

What is Referral

It is a code/card issued by a business owner to his promoters, to increase his sales by using the promoter's contacts sphere.

Here, the promotor will get an incentive, once he recommends the business to his network.

First, the business owner needs to issue a referral/promo code to the promotor, and then he can give that code to his friend or someone.

When the person, who has the referral code, buys goods from your business, you can issue an incentive to the promotor too, while giving a discount to the customer.

This can call as "Word of Mouth Sales"

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Why Referrals

High ROI

Starting a referral program is easier than using most other marketing methods, and often generates a better ROI.

High Conversion Rate

These types of leads have higher conversion rates (meaning they are more likely to become customers). They also tend to spend more once they buy.

Free Promotion

Your customers can share and promote your business all over, but you’ll only give them rewards when their referred friends end up purchasing from you.

Low Cost Sales

Referral programs have a much lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) compared to most other marketing methods.



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