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Grocery Management System

Storemate Grocery POS system helps you plan your purchasing and increase sales with simple billing, stock management, and raw material management with return including analytical reports.

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Key Elements of

Grocery Process

Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Easy to manage a store that sells food and household supplies.



Add him to the system by "add customer."



Business owner can control what cashiers can do and cannot do

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Purchase handling

Practical and Easy to Manage Your Purchase

Purchase order

Easy to manage purchase orders when you place them from suppliers.

Purchase Order Template

Save the time of repeatedly entering the list of purchase invoices into the system.

Purchase Invoice

You can add Purchased inventory to the system

Supplier Credit Management

Ability to get a notification when the due date for credit payment is reached

Supplier Statement

You can get a statement about all the supplier's transactions

Inventory Handling

Practical and easy to track your every stock movement  

Stock balance

Ability to check current stock both batch-wise and location wise

Brand,Category & Sub-category

You can enter a brand, category, and sub-category related to your product.

Track the location (Rack,Row,Position)

The shelf with the products will be easy to find through the system.

Expiry Alert

Ability to receive notifications when the product expires

Selling Price Group

Ability to add different prices for a product

Stock Alert

Ease of knowing your reorder level through a notification

Different measurements for products

You can purchase products in a different unit and sell it in a different unit. For example - Purchase in bags and sell in Kilograms

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"Sales management"

Ability to Manage "Sales" Through Our POS System

Wholesale and Retail sale

Ability to manage Wholesale & Retail customers

Weight scale barcode

Easy to add prices according to the weight of your products and maintain a barcode for that.

Sell Product package

You can sell your products as a package


When you receive online orders easy to maintain the statement of order, shipping, and delivery

Sale type

You can update the sale type, such as whether the sale is coming online or offline.


You can plan a discount for a related product or the entire bill

Customer login

You can give access to your customer or supplier to log into your system and check the updates.

Customer Credit Limit

Manage a credit limit (Rs.3000) for your customer


Ability to Manage "Return " Through Our POS System

Return for suppliers

Ability to handle returns for suppliers

Return from customers

You can handle customer return products through the system

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Sub Title

Other Features



See entire business overview at a glance through quick statistics.

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Multi Location

Multi Location

When your business is expanding with more branches, no need to buy separate system. Storemate can manage all in one place.

User management

User management

You can decide how to give them access to the system according to the position of cashier, admin, supervisor, or manager in your grocery.

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Customer Details

Customer Details

You can add new customer details, or select an existing customer when adding new bills.

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Product Expiry

Product Expiry

If there any products to be expired, you can get alerts in your dashboard.

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Supplier Management

Supplier Management

You can add your suppliers to the system and manage supplier details

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Adding Products

Adding Products

The system can add a unique SKU that is used to identify the product and print the barcode on the labels.

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Stock Transfers

Stock Transfers

If you have more than one location, you can transfer stock from one location to another location.

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Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments

Generally use to cut off damaged stock or adjust quantities after a stock has been taken.

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Primary Reports

  • A profit and loss report (P&L) is a financial report that shows a company's revenues and expenses, usually during a fiscal quarter or year.
  • That means you can view gross or net profit separately by location, invoice-wise, product-wise, category-wise, and brand-wise.

  • Usually, at the beginning of the day, you hand over some money to your cashier or user. 
  • Including the day's sales, after all the transactions are done, through this report, you will be able to see whether the amount with the cashier is the same as the amount shown by the system at the end of the day.
  • You can view the register report according to location and date, user-wise.

  • This is the report related to your business expenses
  • For example, it can show employee salaries, rent, and utility expenses according to a business location, category-wise, and date-wise.

  • You can get tax-related information about your business from this report.

Sell & Purchase

  • When you purchase products for your business, you can see details such as which supplier you purchased from, the purchase price, and the date through this report. 

  • When you sell a product, you can check the corresponding invoice number, which the customer is, etc., through this report.
  • Then you will get product sales reports by product and by product groups.

When you purchase products, you can check the payment method you have made related to that purchase, as well as details such as whether the transaction is paid or due.

  • When you sell products, you can check the payment details related to those sales.

You can check the transactions that have occurred with checks in your business from this report.

  • This report allows you to check total purchases and sales related to your business.

Stock Related

  • When you sell a product, you can check the stock details related to that item.
  • For example, you can check whether your sale item is from the open stock or a purchased item.

  • Under this, you can check your business's fast-moving and slow-moving items. 
  • And you can filter and see them by category, brand, and date.

  • You can check the details of the stock adjustment related to the damaged stock in your business.

  • You can get tax-related information about your business from this report.

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Through this, you can get details about the current stock of your business.

While maintaining the expiry dates for your business's products, you can check the details of the expired products separately through this report.

  • If you have a stock of two prices of the same product, you can check the details related to that stock lot number from this report.

That means you can check the current stock, stock transfer, and adjustment details related to the product's lot number.


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