We understand that customer support is crucial

Long term customer relations and service is crucial in properly maintaining such a software in your organization, as it tackles all major functions such as inventory management, billing, cash management and even monthly reports. Therefore, the lesser interruptions to the software system, the better

This is why we have noted the importance of providing advice and solutions to daily issues, creating awareness, providing an introduction and adding new features to the software.

So let’s take a look at our plan of action to help you in the long run.


Storemate Support & technical team
Storemate Team


Parallax Technologies’ Storemate division employs two sub-divisions to provide implementation services, and they are:

01. Customer service division

02. Technical services division

The customer service department provides the implementation service once you register as a Storemate customer. This service continues for a period of a month until you are familiar in using the Storemate software.

This is done following a few steps.

01. Contact will be made by the customer service department to inform you of our procedures and discuss the next action stage.

02. Following this, your Online POS Account access details will be communicated via email.

03. Here, your key data entry begins. This includes:

  • Your customer information

  • Information on your suppliers

  • Information on your goods and services

  • Current inventory levels of your goods

04. The printing bill will then be adjusted according to your business information. It includes adjusting the printer size, adding the company logo, address and contact number.

05. Any margin problems of the bill will be fixed along with the addition of a barcode design.

06. Finally, our team will provide you with training sessions according to the responsibilities of your staff.

  • For cashiers
  • For managers
  • For business owners 



TalentFort Training Session with Storemate™ POS System

At the completion of this process, your handling of the system with actual client information will be monitored by us

Once informed of how to contact us for any further clarifications, our initial support process will then be concluded.


After Implementation

This is when the software has begun to be used with real business data.

Here, reaching us through the software has been made simple with the Support Ticketing feature, where you can clarify any doubts you have.

Additionally, we have taken the following steps to improve our quality of service.

  1. A quality customer service training team along with an advisor to oversee the team is present.

  2. The presence of a separate ERP consultant.

  3. Handling of customer issues through a project management tool that allows customers to view their issue status and responses at any given time.

  4. Bugs in the software will be fixed with no extra charges.
  5. Our Youtube channel describes how each feature functions.Link: 👉 https://www.youtube.com/storemate.
  6. You will be provided with a user guide/software manual with any other information that you will need. Link: 👉 https://help.storemate.cloud/docs/

Long Term Support

We prioritize identifying and understanding customer problems in our approach to long term support. In line with our past experiences, customer issues could be categorized as either an user error or a software bug.

Problem Types

Once an issue is faced, it can be reported via a call or a ticket. Then this issue is categorized into one of the following categories.

1) A user error
2) A software bug
3) A New Improvement
4) A New modification
5) A New development

If it is an user error,

We provide an explanation on the error and how to rectify it.


Real-Life Example:

Reported issue – Details of a Storemate printed invoice is different to the daily sales summary report.

Investigating into the complaint according to the “created date” and the “modified date” of the reported invoice, we identified the invoice was edited after the print. This error was explained to the customer with ways of avoiding such errors in the future.

Submitting Tickets

If the issue mentioned in a phone call cannot be solved immediately as it requires a technical check, we encourage the customer to report the issue via the CRM tool. This allows us to investigate deep into the matter while allowing the customer to track the progress of the issue. Once discussed with the internal team, the solution will then be provided.

Track the Progress

Keeping the customer noted on the issues progress is vital in avoiding any disappointments. This is why we provide updates via phone calls or by answering submitted tickets.

Urgent Case

If the issue communicated over the phone or through messages is unclear, we request screenshots or screen recordings from our customers. This helps the clear identification of the error. To solve urgent issues, we connect with the customer via remote control apps, such as Anydesk or Teamviewer, as it is the most convenient and efficient way to solve the issue quickly.

If is it a software bug:

In the case of the issue being a software bug, we consider this with a higher level of priority. It is immediately reported to the Storemate technical team, who then fixes the bug. Once double checked by the quality assurance (QA) team, the fix is released to the live environment and an update will be given to the customer.

If it is a new improvement /modification/ development

If the identified issue is seen as a new improvement or modification to the software, it is discussed with the customer and a work breakdown structure (WBS) document is prepared. This includes the summary of the requirement.

Once the document is customer approved, it is submitted to the manager, who connects with the customer via a meeting to discuss in detail and prepare the SRS document. Following the approval of the SRS by both the customer and the manager, the technical team then begins the development according to the management-provided timeline. (This process may be subjected to additional charges).

The progress of the development will be updated to the customer on a daily basis through the CRM system.



Mentioned are some achievements we have reached through the provision of these services:

01. Five-star reviews under Google and Facebook reviews.

02. Expansion of our services to over 400 + customers with the inclusion of our still existing first customer.

03. Feedback from our yearlong customers have been posted on Youtube.

04. The partnership of the SLT Group with Talentfort (Pvt) Ltd

As we look forward to better our services, we also aim to become the best POS software service provider in Sri Lanka, providing our services to small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka.


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