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Manufacturing Module

This manufacturing module helps in converting raw materials into final products

It helps you complete the manufacturing process of adding recipes, production, raw material costing, production costing, lot numbers, expiry, and many more.



The recipe specifies the exact quantities of raw materials required to produce the final product.

Raw Materials

Processes raw materials in specific quantities to create a quality final product.

Wastage %

Wastage of final products due to poor quality and other reasons.

Production Costs

Calculated according to Fixed Cost, Percentage, or Per Unit Cost methods.

Feature 01

Recipe Management

This specifies the exact raw material or ingredient quantity needed to make the final product.

Standard instructions are followed in processing the raw material to produce a high-quality final product.


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Feature 02

Product Management

Based on the product recipe, the quantity of raw materials required to produce a “N quantity” of products is shown.

Feature 03

Setting and Reports

  • Option to add Production Ref No as the prefix

  • Option to disable editing ingredient quantity in production

  • Option to update production prices based on product purchase prices in finalizing production

  • Stock reports for manufacturing items

  • Item reports for manufacturing items

  • Production details reports for individual productions 

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