Terms & conditions for software customisations

According to the customer business requirements, modifications can be made to the Storemate POS system in a standard method followed by the Storemate technical team.

We are following these standard procedures according to our 10+ years of software development experience, in order to maintain the quality, stability and scalability of the software to deliver a good experience for the Storemate users.


Once we received the requirement from the customer, an initial discussion session will be done with our internal team including,

  1. Project manager
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Support Agent
  4. Technical team 
  5. Quality Assurer 

Based on the discussion, we came up with the following.

  1. How to implement it.
  2. What are the effects.
  3. The benefit to the other users.
  4. Who will be developing.
  5. How long it will take.
  6. In which release cycle the modification can be released.


After finalizing the above concerns, our support team will send an estimate to the customer for confirmation. That estimate includes,

  1. Document of what we have planned to develop (SRS)
  2. Estimated timeline with a release date
  3. Budget


After accepting the terms of this estimate, we will perform the developments/improvements as described in the SRS document. Any additional work that has not been covered in the estimate, will include additional charges.

Schedule Terms

We will complete the developments/improvements as per the schedule provided within this doc. If any changes to the schedule, we will inform you in advance.

Change Request Terms

Any changes requested by the client to specifications, schedule, or other aspects of the development/improvements described in this document are not binding unless accepted by Parallax Technologies (pvt) Ltd in writing. Any requested changes may lead to additional charges, which the client agrees to pay when requesting and approving them.

Payment Terms

A 40% deposit is due upfront. The remaining balance should be settled on or before the End of the SPRINT MONTH mentioned in the document.

If the payments are not received on the date or before mentioned in the quotation, Parallax Technologies (pvt) Ltd has the rights to HOLD/POSTPONED the development process or Development release.

General Terms

This estimate is not guaranteed. The price mentioned in the estimate is an approximation of the project requirements as described by the client. The actual cost may vary after all of the project elements have been negotiated and finalized. The client will be informed of any changes in cost in advance.

There is no payment for bugs in the requested task. A bug is an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection.

After we start the development you can request to hold the development, but you have to pay for the actual time that we have spent.

Your requested development will be released to all existing users in Storemate. 

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