Storemate is a complete cloud-based point-of-sale system, specially designed for micro, small, and medium-scale businesses to manage their business operations efficiently.

Storemate key functionalities

  • Supplier’s stock and payments management
  • Multi-branch stock management
  • Barcode Printing & Scanning
  • All kinds of invoice printing
  • Keep customer transactions and credit information data
  • Maintaining profit & loss account information
  • And more than 150 other features 

Accessibility of data from multiple internet-enabled devices, a feature absent in the conventional POS, is one of the most essential features of the cloud POS system – Storemate, is the right product of choice. Storemate enables businesses to access the system from anywhere in the world and at any point in time and allows them to access the data from multiple internet-enabled devices such as smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Storemate is entirely an online POS system, therefore having an internet connection is a must.

In addition to the above functionalities, Storemate has introduced some additional modules on customer’s requests. 

  1. Repair service module for mobile phones, computers, and electronics repair service businesses
  2. Manufacturing module for manufacturers & restaurants 
  3. Cash on Delivery Module for E-commerce Vendors
  4. E-commerce integration module

The above modules are available in addition to the main POS software and can only be purchased with the main POS software.

A monthly subscription fee will be charged for these modules along with the initial instalment. 


Pricing & Packages

The prices given by the sales team, depend on the size of the client’s business and the package client has selected according to the following criteria. (We have 05 packages based on the business size)

  • Number of user accounts
  • Number of locations
  • Method of long-term support
  • Any customizations requested
  • Additional module requested

A quotation request form (QRF) will be given after the initial discussion or identifying the user requirements during the live demonstration.  

Based on the information filled in the QRF by the customer, an official quotation will be given with the expiry date. Quotations are valid only for 30 days.

After the approval of the quotation by the customer, an invoice will be given for the value of the payment.



Full payment must be made upfront to initialize the software.

Payments can be made via online transfer, or direct bank deposit to the given account number.


Monthly Payments

A monthly fee will be applied depending on the package the client purchases. It can be paid monthly or annually.

The monthly fee should be paid at the beginning of the relevant month.

Failure to make the payments within the relevant month will automatically deactivate the client’s account.

You will have to pay the arrears in full at the time of reactivation.

In case of failure to activate the client’s account for 3 consecutive months, the client’s account with all the client’s data will be automatically deleted without prior notice or notice. That data cannot be retrieved.

Depending on the current inflation and exchange rate changes in the country, there may be some revisions in the monthly fee in the future. It may be between 10% to 30% per annum.


Payment Methods

The payment can be made as a bank deposit or as an online transfer.

The monthly payment can be made through credit or debit card as a package renewal through the Storemate software in addition to normal deposit or online transfer modes.

When the client pays by credit or debit card, the client’s package will be renewed at the same time. 

In the case of a normal deposit or payment via online transfer, the deposit slip should be sent to us via email or WhatsApp message.

In the case of making a monthly payment through a regular deposit or online transfer, it may take a maximum of 1 working day to renew the client’s package.


Registration & Implementation

After the client becomes our customer, our support team will be directed to support you. The services provided by our support team are as follows. 

  • Business registration in Storemate
  • Upload the client’s  current products and services
  • Upload current stocks
  • Upload all of the client’s  current customers and suppliers
  • Upload the initial credit balance of the client’s customers and suppliers
  • Entering the client’s  business details into the invoice and making the invoice printable

In order to avail of the above services, the client needs to provide us with the following information. You will be provided an Excel template to enter all of the following data.

  • Your current products list (Microsoft Excel file required)
  • Stock levels of current products (Microsoft Excel file required)
  • Existing customer list
  • Details of the suppliers

We are not responsible for counting the client’s physical stock levels.

You will be charged an additional fee if the clients send the client’s product list in PDF format or as a photo. 

If pictures are used for each item, the relevant picture name should also be given in the Excel Sheet.


After-Sales Service & Support


Service Availability

Storemate’s service is available from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and Saturday between 8.30 a.m. – and 12.30 p.m. except on mercantile holidays. Any deviations from this schedule will be designated by Parallax Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.


Support Inquiry Types

Below are the identified support inquiry types and their standard resolution times.

You can inquire ONLY about the inquiry types that are listed in Table 1 at NO ADDITIONAL COST through the support channel that the client has selected during the sales phase.

Table 1. Free support inquiry types and their standard resolution times

Type of Inquiry

Resolution Time

Feature Clarification by ticket 

Requesting clarification or additional information about a specific feature through a support ticket.

Within 1 working day

Server Down / Software not accessible

Reporting an issue where the system is not accessible or the software is not functioning, preventing normal operations.


Core Operation bug

Identifying a problem in the the system that directly impacts its day-to-day operations.

Within 1 working day

Non-core operation bug

Identifying a problem in the system that does not directly affect its day-to-day operations.

1 day – 30 days

Billing Inquiries

Requesting information or resolution regarding questions related to billing, such as charges, invoices, or any other payment-related matters.

Within 1 working day

For any inquiries that are not specified in Table 1, you will be subjected to a service charge for the resolution of such inquiries. 

The service charge will be communicated by the support team upon analysis of the inquiry, and you should agree to fulfil the payment within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Table 2. Paid support inquiry types and their standard resolution times

Type of Inquiry

Resolution Time

New Feature Development

Developing new features within the system that are not already present in the current system. 

On agreed timeline


Making enhancements or refinements to existing features for better performance and user experience.

On monthly release

Hardware Issues

Problems related to the hardware items such as malfunctions, failures, or connectivity issues.

Within 1 – 2 working days


Miscellaneous or additional inquiry types that are not covered by the specified inquiry types.

On agreed timeline


After receiving an inquiry through any channel, our support team will attend to provide a solution. To offer a better solution, we might need further clarification via a phone call, a video recording of the existing process, an online video meeting (Google Meet), or an on-site visit. The client is responsible for providing all the necessary information to identify the scope of work. All support clarification calls and video meeting calls are recorded for future reference.


Subscription Package Selection

Before reaching out for support, ensure that the client has subscribed to one of our packages. For existing customers who have not yet subscribed to a package, we strongly recommend subscribing to a suitable package. Take the time to review the package details and select the one that best suits the client’s requirements. If the client requires call support, be sure to choose a package that includes this option.


Register Your Phone Numbers

To access our call support, the client must register & activate the phone numbers of the client’s software users who will be contacting us about software-related issues. Please note we will respond to REGISTERED PHONE NUMBERS ONLY


Support Services for Newly Registered Customers (Implementation Period)

For our newly registered customers, regardless of the package they have subscribed to, we are committed to providing comprehensive support until they become familiar with our system to ensure a smooth transition.


Critical Support Requests

In the event of critical software issues, regardless of the client’s subscription package, we prioritize providing the client with speedy resolution and assistance after assessing the severity of the inquiry by our technical team.


Methods of Support Services / Support Channels


Ticket Support

You will be given access to a portal for creating support tickets, which can be logged in with the same credentials used to log into the Storemate system. After our support agents acknowledge and attend to your inquiry, a reply to that ticket will be received via the portal. An email notification will also be sent to the client’s registered email address. All support ticket history and its resolutions will be recorded in that portal.

To provide a resolution for the client’s inquiry, our support agent may contact you via a phone call, regardless of the tickets, for faster resolution.


Call Support

You can contact us via phone calls to expedite inquiries using your registered phone number. Our support agent will record the client’s inquiry in our ticket portal and assign an internal support agent who will contact the client for resolution. Response times will vary depending on the ongoing support calls at the time the client calls. Resolution depends on the significance of the inquiry, which may result in a short-term fix or a long-term customization.


Remote Desktop Support

In case the client needs a clearer solution, we will use a remote desktop client to log in to the client’s desktop and make the necessary changes or demonstrations. The support agent will guide the client on how to operate the remote desktop client in that situation.


On-Site Visit Support

The customer support team will provide on-site assistance at the client’s  office location to facilitate the implementation and training processes.

In the event of any extra visits beyond the agreed visits, the associated charges will be incurred by the customer. Quotation will be sent prior to the arrangement of the visit.

Furthermore, it is expected that the customer covers the expenses related to meals, transport, and accommodations for the support team during each visit to the designated sites. 


Software updates

Our technical department will update the software every month or every 2 months depending on the customer’s ideas and suggestions. The ownership of feature updates, the features to be updated and the release date will be a decision of Parallax Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Under the software updates, the client will be entitled to,

– Latest technical features

– Customer feature requests

– Structural, interface, and design changes

– Solutions to software problems

During the updates, at some point, the software may need to be deactivated for a short period subject to prior notice.


Software Customizations

In addition to the facilities available at the time of purchase, we will treat all the features the client request as changes/customizations. The initial payment will be made by the client for the use of existing facilities, and it is at the sole discretion of the Storemate to decide whether or not to charge for any additional facilities the client may request.

We will then refer the client’s  requirement to our technical department and obtain an estimate for the time spent on the client’s  request. The cost for that time will then be presented to you.

You must approve the changes before the expiration date specified in the cost estimate and if the estimate has expired at the time of approval, a new estimate should be obtained. 

Once the client have approved the estimate, our technical department will meet that requirement within the time frame specified in the estimate.

If the client want to make the changes for free, the client have to wait a while and the exact delivery date can not be specified.

Once this change is released, other users of Storemate will also be able to use the changes.  You will also receive the changes made by other consumers for free.


Data Security

We will store the client’s  data securely and will store the data in a way that is not accessible to any other party.

Also, the client’s data will be stored on cloud-hosting servers in Singapore data centers.

You grant us permission to include the client’s  name, logos, and trademarks in our promotional and marketing materials and communications.

In the event that the client requests a check on the client’s  account, we may ask for some details to log in to the client’s  account. However, we will not access the client’s  data at any time without the client’s permission.

If at any time a third party requests the client’s  data from a court order, the client must provide that data, and we will not provide any data in the absence of such a court order.


Data Backup

Your data will be backed up daily so that it can be restored in case of any unexpected data loss. In such a case, the client can retrieve the client’s data back up to 7 days.

You may be charged an additional payment for this request and it may take 3-14 days. That time is determined by the total number of data the client has currently entered into the system.

In case of any problem in the system, we will not charge any additional payment for data recovery.


Non-Use Accounts

Failure to use the system for a period of six (6) consecutive months without prior notification to us will result in the automatic suspension of the client’s  account and the deletion of all data associated with the account.

To prevent this from happening, the client must notify us by email if the client anticipates not using the system for an extended period of time.



Storemate ™ POS software is designed with all the features required for small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka. However, before the client purchase, be sure to go through our live demo, or contact our consultants to check whether the software has all the features the client need.

Once the client has purchased the software, we will confirm the order by sending the client an invoice. Just after invoicing, our support team will register the client’s  business. After the registration, we will not refund money in any case.

Therefore before the client purchases, be sure to check the suitability of the software for the client’s business. We will provide all the assistance the client needs for the initial inspection.

Once the client has purchased the Storemate POS software, we will confirm the order by sending the client an invoice. Just after invoicing, our support team will register the client’s  business on the Storemate and after that, we will not refund money in any case.

However in rare cases, if the client’s  request is reasonable and the request was made within 7 days of purchase, with the consent of Storemate Management, we may consider a refund, reducing our registration fees, repair fees, transportation fees, and other fees (if any). The deductible can be up to 75% of the total amount paid.

In case of a refund, the client will have to submit the client’s  request to us via email and Storemate will not be responsible for any technical or financial delays or bank charges during the payment process.

Once approved by the management, it may take 7-14 days to refund the approved amount.

we will not make any refund for the computer hardware items the client purchased.

You will not be reimbursed for any changes made to the Software.



As a Storemate customer, the client is responsible for maintaining a continuous internet connection to use the software. A minimum of 100mbps and 5GB of data per month should be reserved to use the software. Storemate is not responsible for errors in the data that occur in the software without a proper internet connection.

This risk can be largely avoided by using emergency backup methods to deal with potential Internet crash cases.


Publishing as a Storemate Customer

Upon signing this Agreement, the client confirms that we are authorized to use the client’s  brand, product, or service, and the client’s  locations for our promotional activities and it also confirms that the client is not reluctant to refer to our company as a client.



We are committed to providing the client with all the features that the client has requested and that we have demonstrated before the client purchases the Software.

In the event of any problem with any of these features, we will also be obligated to resolve it at no additional charge.

We are also committed to enabling and maintaining additional features that the client has requested by paying an additional fee.

we are also committed to providing the client with the highest quality support the client need whatever the package the client purchase. 

Whenever the client is dissatisfied with our support we will immediately attend to it and will consider applying an alternative.

In addition, the “Hardware Partner”, AK Solutions is responsible for the hardware items when purchasing the relevant hardware from us, and Parallax will not take any responsibility for the same.

Parallax or AK Solutions will not be responsible for the hardware items purchased from another party.


Temporary deactivation of the account

If the client has been using the client’s  account for more than 12 months, the client can temporarily deactivate the client’s  account by giving us advance notice. After the first 12 months, the client can deactivate only once every 12 months, and the account can only be deactivated for a maximum period of 3 months.

If the client does not reactivate after 3 months, all the client’s  data will be automatically deleted and the account will be suspended.

Your request should be sent as an email to


Termination of Agreement

The agreement may be terminated by both parties at any time. The other party must be notified one month in advance of the termination, and if any loss occurs to either party, both parties should work to minimize the loss through mutual understanding.

Last updated on 08/09/2023



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